Some colour entered my closet


It’s not all neutrals and black & white in my closet. From time to time I do something rather silly and buy a colourful garment. Last summer I spotted this trouser at Pull & Bear. Unfortunatly they didn’t have the right size for me, but long live the internet and online shops! Once at home I put the trouser in my virtual basket and made the order. No regrets ever since. Because I have lots of grey and white tee’s (not nearly enough though) it’s so easy to get a casual look in an instant. Due to multiple heatwaves I haven’t been able to wear it a lot this summer, but I do plan on wearing it more again. Which kinda means I have to resist the urge to wear black.. we’ll see how it goes.

CKS        tee
PULL&BEAR trousers
ADIDAS sneakers
EVEN&ODD sunglasses

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