How I keep my hands hydrated this summer



Dry hands aren’t just a winter thing, they are a summer thing too.. and I guess I’m not the only one with that problem. After winter we tend to put our hand creams aside while you just need to keep using them. Or at least.. that’s what I try to do! 😀 As I want to share an occasional beauty tip with you guys, here is my first one.

1. Perle de Coco Hand Lotion by & Other Stories

I got this hand lotion from & Other Stories for my birthday and I just love it! ? Lotions aren’t as thick as hand creams, so they won’t work the same way. Basically they don’t hydrate as much as a cream, but anything is better than not using anything I guess. Plus, it smells A-MA-ZING! Every time I go to bed I’m greeted by the smell of coco and vanilla. Totally digging it.

2. Perle de Coco Hand Cream by & Other Stories

I bought this hand cream for the first time about two years ago and have been obsessed ever since. As I said before, I love the coco and vanilla scent.. even though my mum thinks I smell like a walking bounty chocolate bar ? I try to apply this every time I’m not doing anything with my hands.. like when I’m waiting or sometimes when I’m reading a boot. At least that’s my plan.. but unfortunately I suck at following my own advice. Oops.


So what’s your favorite product to keep your hands hydrated?

& OTHER STORIES        hand lotion & hand cream
HANDMADE        ring



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