Expositions Wanderlust

A magical ride


So two years ago I visitied the Harry Potter Expo in Brussels. It doesn’t even seem that long ago, but apperently it is. Who knew? I’m still amazed at how good these pictures turned out.. I mean, everything could’ve gone wrong! Blurry pictures, out of focus, too much noise.. That’s why I decided to share these photo’s anyway. Seeing these really makes me want to visit the studios near Londen. 😀

Be sure to let me know what you think!

harry_potter_horcrux harry_potter_bedroom harry_potter_dragon harry_potter_cup_wolf harry_potter_festive harry_potter_book harry_potter_scary_clown harry_potter_candy harry_potter_monster_book harry_potter_griffin harry_potter_necklace_time harry_potter_quidditch_game harry_potter_letter harry_potter_fenix harry_potter_golden_snitch




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