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PKP 18 Postcards

PKP 18 Postcards //

Two weeks ago my friends and I went to Pukkelpop in Hasselt. Four days filled with music, dancing, laughing, chilling and eating. Instead of sleeping in a tent, we stayed at my besties home and we biked to the festival every day. I had such an amazing time w/ my friends and I seriously canโ€™t wait till next year! FIY. We watched a loads of shows, but these definitely stood out: Dua Lipa, Papa Roach, Warhola & Imagine Dragons. And…

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How I keep my hands hydrated this summer


Dry hands aren’t just a winter thing, they are a summer thing too.. and I guess I’m not the only one with that problem. After winter we tend to put our hand creams aside while you just need to keep using them. Or at least.. that’s what I try to do! ๐Ÿ˜€ As I want to share an occasional beauty tip with you guys, here is my first one. 1. Perle de Coco Hand Lotion by & Other Stories I…

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Expositions Wanderlust

A magical ride


So two years ago I visitied the Harry Potter Expo in Brussels. It doesn't even seem that long ago, but apperently it is. Who knew? I'm still amazed at how good these pictures turned out.. I mean, everything could've gone wrong! Blurry pictures, out of focus, too much noise.. That's why I decided to share these photo's anyway. Seeing these really makes me want to visit the studios near Londen. :D Be sure to let me know what you think!…

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The oversized trench


I’m not really the kind of person that follows the latest trends. But I do love it when a piece I’ve been loving becomes a trend or returns the year after. Especially when I didn’t find it the year before, which happens… every single time! But then again, I’m also not the kind of person to wear a classic trench. So you can imagine how excited I was when I bumped into this beauty. It has everything I needed and…

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